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Former Castillo Lab Members

Past Castillo Lab members are now at multiple academic institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations globally. Look below to see what they are up to.


Former Postdoctoral Associates

NameCurrent InstitutionCurrent Position
Dr. Sarah DaviesAssistant Professor, Biology Department


Former Graduate Students

NameCurrent InstitutionCurrent Position
Dr. Justin BaumannSPIRE Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Biology and Department of Marine Sciences
Dr. John RippePostdoctoral Fellow, Department of Integrative Biology


Former Undergraduate Researchers

NameCurrent InstitutionCurrent Position
Bailey ThomassonAdmissions Department
Travis CourtneyGraduate Student, Andersson Lab
Hannah AichelmanGraduate Student, Davies Lab
Kathryn CobleighGraduate Student, UVI
Daphne De LeenerSustainability Consultant at Essentia Trading Ltd
Lauren SpeareGraduate Student, Septer Lab
Joseph TownsendGraduate Student, UVI
Brooke BensonLab Manager, Davies Lab
Logan BuieLab Manager, Martin Lab
Elaine Chow
Merck (PRNewsFoto/Merck)
Associate Engineer II at Merck
Jessica BoultonGraduate Student, Gifford Lab
Nettie McMillerCoastal Resource Management Practitioner, United States Peace Corp
Alyssa Knowlton
Samir PatelNaval Flight Officer
Risa DalsingGraduate Student
Ashley Foguel
Jaime Matos
James Paige
Rafaela Vendrametto Granzotti
Pulalani Armstrong
Kirsten Spencer
Richard Yost II
Carissa Campbell
Kruti Patel
Blake E;der
Deeptu Schroff