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(University of North Carolina *Undergraduate researcher, Graduate student, Postdoc)

Submitted/In Review/Accepted

Baumann JH, Ries JB, *Courtney T, *Foguel A, Westfield IT, Horvath K, Castillo KD. Nearshore corals on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System on pace to cease growing as early as 2110. (Submitted)
Speare L,Davies SW,Balmonte JP, Baumann J, Castillo KD Coral bacterial community composition reveals a host species-specific resilience strategy to cope with environmental variability (In Review)
Bove CB, Ries JB, Davies SW, Wesfield IT, Castillo KD. Growth and survivorship of Caribbean corals under acidification and warming predict future winner and losers under global change. (Accepted) Proceedings of the Royal Society B


†Rippe JP, Kriefall NG, ‡Davies SW, Castillo KD. (2018) Differential disease incidence and mortality of Sidereastrea siderea and Pseudodiploria strigosa across inner and outer reefs of the upper Florida Keys in association with a white syndrome outbreak. Bulletin of Marine Science.
*Benson BE, †Rippe JP, †Bove CB, Castillo KD. (2018) Apparent timing of density banding in the Caribbean coral Siderastrea siderea suggests complex role of key physiological variables. Coral Reefs.
†Rippe J, †Baumann JH, *DeLeener DN, *Aichelman HE, ‡Davies SW, Castillo KD. (2018) Corals sustain growth but not skeletal density across the Florida Keys Reef Tract despite ongoing warming. Global Change Biology 24 (11): 5202-5217
Fowell S, Foster GL, Ries J, Castillo KD, de la Vega E, Tyrrell T, Donald HK, Chalk TB. (2018) Historic trends in pH and biogeochemistry on the Belize Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Geophysical Research Letters: 45 (7): 3228-3237
‡Davies SW, Ries JB, Marchetti A, Castillo KD (2018) Symbiodinium functional diversity in the coral Siderastrea siderea is influenced by thermal stress and reef environment, but not ocean acidification. Frontiers in Marine Sciences: 5: 150


†Baumann JH, ‡Davies SW, *Aichelman HE, Castillo KD. (2017) Coral Symbiodinium community across the Belize Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System is influenced by host species and thermal variability. Microbial Ecology75 (4): 903-915
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†Cox C, †Valdivia A, McField M, Castillo KD, Bruno JF. (2017) Establishment of marine protected areas alone does not restore coral reef communities in Belize. Marine Ecology Progress Series 563: 65-79


Fowell SE, Sanford K, Stewart JA, Castillo KD, Ries JB, Goster GL. (2016) Intra-reef variations in Li/Mg and Sr/Ca sea surface temperature proxies in the Caribbean reef-building coral Siderastrea siderea. Paleooceanography 31 (10): 1315-1329
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†Horvath K. Castillo KD, *Armstrong P, †Westfield I, *Courtney T, Ries JB. (2016) Next-century ocean acidification and warming both reduce calcification rate, but acidification also alter skeletal morphology of the reef-building coral Siderastrea siderea. Scientific Reports 6: 29613
Ries JB, *Ghazaleh MN, †Connolly B, †Westfield IT, Castillo KD. (2016) Impacts of seawater saturation state (ΩA = 0.4–4.6) and temperature (10, 25°C) on the dissolution kinetics of whole-shell biogenic carbonates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 192: 318-337

Prior to 2015

Castillo KD, Ries JB, Bruno JB, Westfield IT. (2014) The reef-building coral Siderastrea siderea exhibits parabolic responses to ocean acidification and warming. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 20141856
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