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MASC 101/GEOL 103 The Marine Environment (Fall)

An introductory marine sciences course emphasizing the nature of the oceans including the physical, chemical, biological and geological processes that occur in oceanic and coastal environments. The course content begins with a discussion of the ocean planet and the history of ocean studies. Next, it navigates through plate tectonics, seawater properties, ocean circulation, waves and tides, and concludes with an overview of marine ecology and ocean ecosystems.

MASC 101/ENEC 441 Syllabus


MASC 441 – Marine Physiological Ecology (Spring)

This course introduces students to the physiological factors employed by marine organisms to cope with their physical environment. Emphasis is on the physiological ecology of benthic organisms in coastal communities such as rocky shores, salt marshes, and coral reefs.

MASC 441/ENEC 441 Syllabus


MASC 395 or BIOL 395 – Research Experience in The Castillo Lab (Fall/Spring)

This course introduces students to laboratory research examining pressing questions at the forefront of coral ecophysiology, global change, and conservation. Students will be engaged in a range of research activities including: (1) compiling data from experiments designed to examine the effects of ocean warming and ocean acidification on coral reefs, and (2) quantifying the molecular underpinnings of a range of coral host and algal symbiont responses for corals reared under experimental treatment conditions, (3) maintaining corals reared under experimental treatment conditions in the Aquarium Research Center.

MASC 395 Syllabus