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Corals reefs worldwide are under threat from a variety of local and global anthropogenic stressors. In the Castillo Lab, we seek to understand how these stressors have impacted corals in the past, how they are affecting corals in the present, and how they will likely shaped future coral reef populations, communities, and ecosystems. Currently, we conduct research on temperate corals on the North Carolina coast, and on tropical corals in Florida, Belize, and Panama.


Research Sites





Focus Areas

Focus AreaImage
Ocean warming, ocean acidification, and coral reefs
Coral acclimatization and adaptation
Coral response to global change across ecological scales
Coral bleaching in the western Caribbean Sea
Reconstruction of environmental history on coral reefs
Winter warming and temperate corals
Storm impacts on coral reefs
Microplastics impact on coral reefs


Funded Projects

Funding AgencyFunded Project
Storm impact and resilience of corals across spatial scales on the FloridaKeys
Investigating the influence of thermal history on coral growth response to recent and predicted end-of-century ocean warming across a cascade of ecological scales
Using multielement-isotope coral paleothermometry to reconstruct the thermal history of seawater across a Caribbean barrier reef system over the past century and evaluation of its impact on coral extension rates