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Welcome to The Castillo Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill

Research projects in the Castillo Lab are at the interface of ecology and physiology. We employ a variety of ecophysiological research tools and techniques to examine the mechanisms that underlie relationships between coastal marine organisms and their physical environment. Current research efforts are focused on establishing quantitative links between field and controlled laboratory experiments to investigate how temperate and tropical corals interact with their physical environment and how their environmental history influences their physiological performance. These ecophysiological methods are also employed to investigate and predict the impacts of global change on corals across a cascade of ecological scales. The effects of local anthropogenic stressors are also studied to capture a more holistic assessment of coral ecophysiological response. We collaborate with local governments and local stakeholders to apply our research findings to coral reef conservation and management.

Ask the question in a way the organism can understand.

Ralph I. Smith, Invertebrate Biology: Berkeley